How to increase penis size?

The penis is the pride of every man. The problem of penis enlargement is a topical for representatives of the stronger sex always. The number of people who firmly believe that their member is not big enough, is constantly increasing. Most men dream to increase the size of your penis at least a few inches. There are a lot of methods in the direction of solving this problem.

Operations for lengthening the penis

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The most drastic surgical method. The work allows for the lengthening or thickening of the penis, as well as simultaneous combinations. The main goal of surgical intervention in the direction of increasing length of penis lengthening hanging on the division of power and reduction of the director of the Department. During the surgery is the excision of part of the ligaments that have a penis in the crotch area.

In fact, this operation does not change the total volume of the body, and seeks to increase due to the redistribution of lengths to increase the visible part of the penis and reduce its hidden, the crotch part. This surgical procedure is performed under General anesthesia.

Surgery to increase the diameter of the penis much harder from the aspect of performance, from surgery to increase length of a member. The only effective method of operation for increasing the diameter of the penis includes placing under the skin of the penis and tissue from other parts of the body of the patient. Maybe move the muscles, or adipose tissue, depending on the desired results.

The main method for the thickening of the penis is to move the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the buttocks. The required amount of adipose tissue removed through an incision made in the gluteal crease. Then the adipose tissue is distributed under the skin, over the entire length of the penis, and the slit is applied intradermal sutures. In the future, the scar is almost invisible. Thanks to this technique, the diameter of the penis increases not more than 1 cm.

Another method - movement of the muscles. This technique of increasing the diameter of the penis is more complex. It is associated with an increased risk of complications, so this operation requires quite a long placement (at least 10 days hospital stay). As a complicated operation should be entrusted only to experienced and qualified surgeon.

Penis enlargement at home

There are many methods to increase penis size at home without resorting to surgery.

One such tool is a special device – the extender. With this equipment it is possible to increase the penis size, in length and thickness. The machine takes a lot of time and effort during installation, it is invisible under pants, and can be used at any time. The principle of operation of this equipment is the slow effect of the sexual organ of special stress, providing active stimulation of the tissues of the penis. This leads to the acceleration of the process of cell division, during which it may increase a little.

The oldest method of penis enlargement massage. Before you start with the massage, you have to prepare. Article must be wrapped with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. Hold for three minutes. You need to dry the skin of the penis. Then you can begin to massage by selecting one of the two positions: sitting or standing.

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  1. Article must be extremely relaxed. Grasp the phallus and the hand strongly tighten the head, it is necessary to keep blood in a member received.
  2. Then gently pull the phallus from herself to the moment, until you feel discomfort. In this state, you have to hold it for 5 minutes. In one minute, you can try to delay the phallus a little more. At the time of the procedure, the pain should not be. Relax one minute, making a circular massage of the penis in this point.
  3. Repeat the same exercise 4 times, stretching the phallus, in the following directions: up, down, left and right. Relax and make a circular massage.
  4. Pull the phallus forward, hold this position for one minute, squeeze it 10 times. All the movements should not bring strong discomfort.