Is it possible to increase penis size?

In spite of the fact that not a single reference is not clearly stated in the penis, a lot of men often ask a question: whether it is possible to increase the penis size? And, of course, most of all in the search for techniques for penis enlargement on the Web, and on the basis of the experience of the other users and doctors, who often maintain their own data in the course of answering the questions of the readers.

But, needless to say, not all of these recommendations need to be adhered to, and in some ways don't even deserve to have it checked. In this article we examine the most typical advice is to find out if it is possible to increase the penis size and how to do it.

What determines the size of your penis?

a penis enlargement.

Before proceeding directly to a consideration of the methods to increase it, you need to understand, to MEASURE, generally it is determined by the size of the penis of a man. Both, however, is that it is a normal feeling to want to grow in your body?

The consideration of this question did not give us any great information on what we already know from the school course of biology. The size of your penis is determined by heredity of the men, particularly the growth, of human development, as well as its hormonal in puberty.

If the synthesis of testosterone at a certain time of life, it is normal, then the size of a member will be determined exclusively by heredity. However, if due to an error in the synthesis was broken, and it will affect the size and development of the sexual apparatus.

The desire to increase your penis goes straight out of the human need for reassurance and the desire to have more authority and importance among the other men. For research psychologists, the desire to be successful, the sexual play a key role in the formation of consciousness and self-esteem. And if the attainment of sexual maturity, it will not be good enough and happy, it's natural that people want to recover this function during the course of your life.

If it is possible to increase the size of your penis?

So, we have to be dealt with, in the case where as the men usually do not have the desire to increase the size of your penis. And, regardless of whether it is physiological or psychological reasons, but in any case, they are looking for a solution.

There are a couple of methods, depending on the case, you may be given a positive test result, and to add to the article a couple of inches:

  • With a lack of hormones, the article is often grow more slowly than it would under normal synthesis. And even though doctors often believe that it is not appropriate to solve the problem of the lack of testosterone after puberty (at the age of 13 years old, and in some cases, they can be a bit of increase of the member, that is to say, to fill in the gaps in the maturation period;
  • In the standard development, without disruption of the endocrine system, a person can increase your penis size with just the proper thing. No matter how much you are considered by doctors in their individual technology, and the exclusive use ointment, but rubbing it on the skin, it often can be worn only harm and no benefit.

Penis enlargement is a touchy subject, but relevant to a lot of. However, before turning to the doctor for a course of hormones, or lie down on the table, it should be heavy for its decision in its entirety. Perhaps the problem of a disconnect in your penis, it is only in the psychology and reality of the figure is nothing to do with it? In any case, it is important to remember that the most important thing is to be healthy.